Finnmaster – Welcome to the country of the midnight sun. Here, Finland’s proudest boat-builders live and work under a magical summer sky painted in the most beautiful colours. Every boat that leaves the boatyard is built and designed with decades of knowledge, experience and with a clear vision; we build the safest boats with the smartest solution – without compromising on modern design. In an archipelago like ours, which is as wild and melancholic as is it beautiful and marvelous, boats are so much more than a means of transport. They are freedom, passion, and tradition but above all, a lifestyle. At Finnmaster, we are part of that lifestyle. The boat building tradition is passed on from generation to generation and year after year that knowledge and passion are passed on to each and every boat we design and build at our boatyard.

Finnmaster Bowrider

Less is more. That was the inspiration for us when we created a series of Bow Rider boats that fulfill the dream of the perfect leisure boat. The R-series models include everything that is important for a perfect day at sea. They are above all comfortable boats featuring, for example, large storage. The decks on all of the boats are also designed so that you can easily get in and out of the boat.

Moreover, there is comfortable seating in the bow and the stern, which guarantees that you and your friends have a comfortable trip – whatever the weather Apart from all the smart features and well-thought-out functions, the R-series’ greatest advantage is that you always have full visibility in all weathers – something we all appreciate when we cast off for new adventures in the magnificent Scandinavian archipelago.

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Finnmaster Console

The models in the S-series will give you a flexible and versatile boat that is always ready for new adventures in the seas. The S-series boats are perfect for transporting but also a great solution for spontaneous fishing trips or for a day out enjoying the sun and the sea.

The S-models are filled with our Smart Design solutions that simplify life at sea. Our models are equipped, for example, with practical steps that make getting onboard easy and safe for both children and the elderly. Moreover, the cushions can remain in place when you open one of the hatches making things considerably easier when you have to stow something quickly or just want to take out a blanket before the sun sets below the horizon.

All of the S-models have generous space, letting you take with you everything the whole family needs to spend a day at sea. Moreover, the well designed hull helps all the models to reach planing speed – no matter what the weather.

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Finnmaster Day Cruiser

You shouldn’t have to choose between a sporty or a comfortable boat. The T-series combines both. Here, all of the models in the series are as stable and comfortable in their driving characteristics as they are easy to use making them a perfect sport boat as well as an unrivalled family boat.

All of the boats in the T-series have many innovative solutions – the streamlined hull for example, the control desk’s angled footrest or the T7 and T8’s LED docking lights that brighten up the way to endless adventures at sea.

The perfect meeting between sport and comfort is particularly clear in the most comfortable places on the T7 and the T8 – the racing inspired seats next to the windscreen. From here, you and your family have a full view, while the driver can easily manoeuvre in the toughest of weathers. The cabin on the T7 and the T8 has well designed natural lighting and great comfort with plenty of space for all the family.

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Finnmaster Cabin

There is no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing. We all know this here in northern Europe. For this reason, it was even more important for us to develop the models in the Pilot series.

The Pilot series is the uncompromising model series where all the models have a roomy aft deck and a large cabin with plenty of room for your nearest and dearest. With a high freeboard, the whole family can move around freely and, above all, safely.

With the cabin boats in the Pilot series, you can enjoy the same benefits offered by open leisure boats. Large cockpits make it possible for you to do everything; from going out for a fishing trip to eating dinner with your family. When the sun is at its zenith, the cockpit also becomes the perfect place for sunbathing and taking a dip. If the day at sea becomes longer than planned, there is plenty of space to spend the night.

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