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The benefits of owning a Yamaha extend well beyond the exciting weekends spent with friends and family. Every Yamaha comes recreation-ready, fully-equipped with a total package of amenities that brings the good life to life on the water. Idealboat offers the full range at affordable prices.

Choosing a new WaveRunner because of its agility, quality, style, performance, comfort or seaworthiness is totally understandable.  You probably don’t even consider the Warranty terms or procedures when you look at the latest models, because you know the enviable reputation Yamaha has for reliability.  But it is comforting to know that there is a full 24 months parts and labour warranty on all new WaveRunners and more importantly an industry leading team on stand-by to assist should the need arise.  And at Yamaha we don’t rest on our laurels - our engineers continue to rack up hours on test machines to evaluate every component’s durability in real world riding conditions.  And should they find any weakness our designers will develop solutions.  Warranty is all about our commitment to you.